Thursday, June 30, 2011

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16 Inspirational Portrait Photography Techniques

If you’re good with post-processing and manipulations, use it to your advantage. Get crazy with the adjustments, try some new Photoshop techniques, and maybe even a composite image.

If texture is a big part of your subject, make it stand out and make it obvious. Match up the textures between your subject and your background. You might even try texturizing the entire photo for additional impact.

Blowing out the highlights or making a high-key image makes a nice soft portrait with kind of a light airy feeling. Another advantage of high-key photos is that the smaller details and defects are blown away, making the image look much smoother.

A dominantly dark or low-key image will naturally draw your eyes to the lighter parts. These tend to have a grittier and harder look to them than the high-key images.

Hair lights up like crazy when it’s back-lit, so if hair is a big part of your subject make it stand out by placing your subject between you and a light source. You could also take this a little further and push the image to a silhouette.

Get crazy with the pose and positioning — extra points if it looks uncomfortable. Not only with the poses, but also with your own positioning — shoot from different angles to achieve different impacts.

Capture the local culture — what’s mundane to you is exotic to us. Culture is everywhere, even in your own town. Just image you’re visiting from a different country — what things would then seem more interesting to you?

Capture the local culture — what’s mundane to you is exotic to us. Culture is everywhere, even in your own town. Just image you’re visiting from a different country — what things would then seem more interesting to you?

Make the shadow an important part of the image. Sometimes the shadow can even be more prominent than the actual subject casting the shadow.

There’s no rule against cropping out most of the subject’s face. This draws more attention to the parts that are left in the frame.

Out-of-focus subjects can be more interesting than the in-focus subjects. It kind of adds some mystery to the image because you can’t quite make out who that person is.

Use movement to show action, even if it blurs out the subject entirely. In cases like this, think of the person as a means of creating the subject rather than being the actual subject

Catch somebody doing something they love, even if it’s not staged. Street photography is one of my favorite genres because it captures life as it happens — unstaged and unposed.

Use vibrant and contrasting colors to draw attention to parts of your subject. This could be makeup, clothing, accessories, or whatever else you can get your hands on

Not all portraits need to have a smile, capture the serious emotions too. Some of my favorite portraits have no hint of a smile in them, and they’re highly emotional.

Use the props and tools around you to make the setting more interesting. Find things to place your subject in, on, under, around, etc.

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i love this video! from LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock........:D terasa mau menari jak..hehehee..seswai dgn one of the lyric "everyday im shuffelin"!! yehhhhh i like to tak  pandai buat..hii...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

pictures of meeeeee ♥

hyepppp !! assalam...aduhaiiiii,aku sangat boring...tak tau nak watpa ni....on9 facebook pun hurmmm bosan gak..last2 dapat idea nak uplod pic kat entry kali ni...hahaha...bosan dowh! jeng jeng jenggg......

me black & white :)

shoot !

no contact lens :p hihi

my baby SONY :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

my BIG day.....~


hye suma!! huhuuuu..baru sekarang nak ada masa nak update blog..adoiyaiiiii! banyak dah yg ku tinggalkan...huhu. Entry petang ni..aku nak update pasal "my BIG day" a.k.a my Convocation ceremony...hihii. Untuk pengetahuan semua,aku konvo taun lepas 2010,2nd december..hahahaa baru nak update arini??? sekarang dah bulan 6 taun 2011..huahuahua...:D
Back to basic, cita pasal my big day neh...ermmm aku tersangat2 la happy gila sebab akhirnya aku dapat menamatkan pengajian diploma ku dlm jurusan 'Pentadbiran Awam'selama 3 taun di UiTM Cawangan Sabah dengan jayanya..UiTM dihatiku!! :)hihihiii..

Majlis konvokesyen kali ini diadakan di UiTM Malaysia..Uitm Malaysia???hehe..maksud dia UiTM Shah Alam ler tuhhh...memandangkan UiTM Shah Alam adalah kampus induk bagi segala UiTM yang ada di Malaysia yg study kat UiTM Cawangan Sabah kena la datang kat UiTM Shah Alam ni utk diraikan...hehehe. banyak ketawa lak aku...hahahaha. bukan apa, time tengah2 tulis entry ni,mood sangat la happy..ntah kenapa..tak tau??!!erkkkkk...hihihiiii.

Haaa malas nak story panjang2..korang tengok la picture2 yg ada kat bawah ni...kenangan yang sangat manis  dlm hidup aku...:)) peace!


with my beloved dad and mum!!